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  1. 1º Basque Parliament approved on June 27th 2008 the 9/2008 Law, about the call and the regulation of a public consultation with the aim of obtaining among the citizens of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, the civil opinion about the opening of a negotiation process to reach peace and political standardisation. The opening of the call would be on September 15th, and the celebration of the public consultation on October 25th 2008.
  2. 2º The Spanish Constitutional Court-acting on the initiative of the President of the Spanish Government-suspended the celebration of the consultation; then denied legal defence to Partido Nacionalista Vasco, Eusko Alkartasuna, Ezker Batua/Berdeak and Aralar parties, and finally ruled, on September 11th that Law 9/2008 is unconstitutional, and therefore, it has no effect.
  3. 3º The celebration of a public consultation has been rejected, whose call had been approved by the majority of the representation of citizenship, gathered in its Parliament.


  1. 1ª I understand that the invalidated Law recognizes my right as citizen of a democratic society of being consulted, and therefore, of contributing personally to peace and standardisation. Its cancellation denies my right to participate in public issues and my freedom of expression. In this sense, the prohibition of the consultation has made me incapable to vote on two crucial matters for my future as person and as part of the society I belong, as the search for peace and the political agreements about our coexistence as society.
  2. 2ª PNV, EA, EB and Aralar parties, democratic representatives of the society, have had rejected their possibility to defend -within the constitutional procedure- their position on support to the Law, having so denied their right to legal protection and freedom of association.
  3. 3ª I understand that the main responsibility in the prohibition of the consultation recalls on the President of the Spanish Government, who once and again has refused to discuss with the representatives of the above mentioned parties about the reaching of a Political Pact on peace and standardisation; putting under the Courts issues that must be resolute by dialogue and political agreement.

III.- INITIATIVES: In as much as it precedes, the UNDERSIGNED wishes to:

  1. First.- Request to Political Parties, to incorporate and/or keep in their programmes and projects the aspiration to the full decision capacity of the Basque citizenship.
  2. Second.- Join myself to as many initiatives and demands that Political Parties might carry up in defence of the public consultation in European and international forums.

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